Sleekform Kneeling Chair for Perfect Posture | Ergonomic Knee Stool Relieving Back and Neck Pain | Breathable Backrest, Padded Handles and Rollerblade Wheels | 4" Thick Soft and Washable Mesh Cushions

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Product Description

Ideal to supplement with standing desks, Sleekforms new features:

- Mesh breathable backrest (adding extra support and rest for the back)

- Padded handles that add convenience and safety when getting on and off your kneeling chair

- BONUS Quiet, Smooth and Heavy duty Rollerblade caster wheels

Sleekform Ergonomic Kneeling Chair combines Comfort & Durability to your entire body to alleviate the damages caused by sitting on office and home chairs for an extended period of time.

Our Sleekform stool is designed to place your body in an Open Angle Upright position by lowering the angle of your lower body and placing your body weight on your buttocks, not your lower back.

The 90 Degree Seated Angle will automatically distribute your body weight the way it is intended, removing imbalance and realigning your body with continued use. Some of the weight will be distributed to your shins (to avoid you from falling out of the chair). Kneeling chairs are not recommended for people with weak or sensitive knees or shins.

TWICE THE THICKNESS (So You Don't Feel Like You're Sitting On Steel)

The padded seat and knee cushion is made of 4" regular foam and is TWICE the thickness of the Industry Standard.

This added luxury eliminates discomfort & pain to your knees caused by thinner seat and knee cushions.

If you're looking for a modern contemporary addition to your furniture set, a Ergonomic Seat to alternate with while you binge on NETFLIX or just relax with your Macbook.. Then Try it for 90 days - if you don't love it, you can return it!

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NOTE: Works best for heights 5'4" and above.

Product Specifications

Office Product
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  • [LATEST 2018 MODEL] - Suffering from Back pain, Neck strain, Bad Posture, Hunching and ready to improve your posture? If you answered YES, then it's time to make the switch to Sleekform's Ergonomic Kneeling Chair (with backrest and handles). This uniquely designed posture chair can replace any traditional chair, with the added plus of health benefits you can actually feel. But Sleekform is not just a chair for back pain but is a perfect chair for work.It can also absorb weight without crushing.
  • [MESH BACKREST AND PADDED HANDLES] - This latest model of kneeling chairs has a backrest so you can lean back and take a break whenever you need to rest. The padded handles offer more stability when getting on and off your kneeling chair. The Sleekform Kneeling Chair has 2x more cushion than our average competitors. That is twice as much comfort for your buttocks and knees, allowing you sit comfortably without sinking through the cushion. Our product is not only a kneeling desk chair, but also
  • [ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT] - You can adjust the Sleekform to a size that fits your personal needs, anywhere from 22.4 to 29.7 inches and can hold up to 220 lbs. This adjustability will allow you to find the perfect position that fits your specific needs. Once you sit in our posture chair you will wonder why it took you so long to make the switch from an uncomfortable desk chair, to a kneeling chair. NOTE: Works best for heights 5'4" and above.
  • [SMOOTH & HEAVY DUTY ROLLERBLADE CASTER WHEELS] - Made with premium polyurethane, our casters rollerblade style wheels will protect your flooring made of traditional hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, laminate, carpet, marble, vinyl flooring and stone floors. The mesh fabric upholstery keeps you cool and comfortable while working.
  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Our goal is keeping our customers happy. Try Our SLEEKFORM Kneeling chair for 90 days - if you don't LOVE it, you can return it! If at any point, after you sit on our Ergonomic Chair and you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your money. Warning: Do Not Sit On The Edges or Exceed Weight Capacity of 220lbs!
  • 3940 hundredths-inches
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Office Product
Sleekform Kneeling Chair for Perfect Posture | Ergonomic Knee Stool Relieving Back and Neck Pain | Breathable Backrest, Padded Handles and Rollerblade Wheels | 4" Thick Soft and Washable Mesh Cushions
  • 704438498070